Title: A Quebec-style ball with Les Maganes


Les Maganés are three artists whose joy of playing explodes on stage. Olivier on the violin, Benot on the piano and Luc, the caller with his wooden spoons and hobnailed shoes.

Olivier Chérès the violinistThe violinist and the jigger

Traditional music from Quebec is for singing and dancing, inspired by violin music from Scotland and Ireland. Songs to be sung again and again all together, clapping to the rhythm of the violin bow, piano chords, foot tapping and wooden spoons.

The jigger in actionJig: second movementJig: third movement
To the sound of "The great simple jig", Luc Gaudreau shows his talents as a jigger (Rodez, January 97).
Luc Gaudreau the callerThe caller and the dancers
A Quebec-style ball with 800 people in Mansigné (Sarthe) in September 97
When the music gets under your skin, you must let yourself go and dance jigs, square dances and quadrilles with the expert help of the dance leader, the caller Luc Gaudreau.