Bélisaire is a group of musicians from various musical backgrounds (folk, jazz...), who have all moved to Cajun music, and who would like to share their passion with others.

Cajun music is neither rock & roll, country nor blues, but is rather a little of each: lively, cheerful, melancholic, energetic and nostalgic, sung in the spicy old French which has been preserved by the French-speaking minority in Louisiana.

Bèlisaire's group picture
Sûr, à c't'heure, c'est pas Bélisaire qu'a râpé la lune pour faire les étoiles, mais si vous autres écoutez sa musique, c'est votre tête qui s'ra proche des étoiles", alors Lâchez-les !

Cajuns of today, or Cadians are the descendants of the first French settlers who went to live in North America, coming from Brittany, Poitou and Normandy, in the Acadia territories in 1604 at the extreme west of what is now Canada.

One and a half centuries later, they were forced out of Acadia by the English, in particularly hard conditions, split up and deported after many incidents (a period which is sometimes called "the great disturbance"). Some of them went to Louisiana, many in the swampy areas, the Bayous, and the savannahs of the Mississippi delta.


Spread over a radius of 80 km around Lafayette, the Cajuns live on the edge of the English-speaking community and are particularly attached to the place where they live, their language (old French, with a few words of English) and their customs.

Their sense of conviviality and their love of entertainments leads them to create many festivals and celebrations during which their mix of "music-dance-cooking" fulfils all expectations.

For all these reasons, their community attracts more and more interest both in the USA and in Europe.


To the special sounds of the melodeon (a sort of accordion) and the violin, it carries away dancers with two-step and waltz rhythms. This music, of rural origin and handed down by word of mouth, is also affected by different influences coming from more recent types of music: rock and roll, country, funk and blues.

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