Photo: Claude Méthé and Dana WHITTLE
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DENT de LION was formed to produce two records: "Escapade" and "Les Beaux Yeux Bleus". Dent de Lion is a duo of musicians, Claude Méthé and Dana Whittle, who is American, and loves French-speaking culture. She had, I think, a French grandmother or great-grandmother in her family. An old exercise book containing traditional songs written by this venerable relation and found in an attic was the start of Dana's musical career. Claude and Dana lived in Vermont for some time and have gone back to Québec recently, and are following criss-cross musical paths, both separately and as Dent de Lion, an attractive and congenial route to follow.

They are carrying on a tradition of French-Canadian music and are also open to what can be added to a living tradition, as can be seen from their CD "Les Beaux Yeux Bleus".

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Sometimes intimist, their music is always full of energy. It is typical of Québec: a reckless Celtic violin air and unexpected guitar chords accompanied by tapping feet. From time to time, two guitars harmonize in an improvised tune. Dana plays the accordion with buttons which is so close to the hearts of the French in America. It is mainly found in Louisiana and Québec, where they have developed a special way of playing it. Traditional songs which are played on it are jewels of simple poetry, often of French origin and which have acquired the colours and flavours of America over the years.

A good old recipe:

Dent de Lion sets a challenge: that of a cook with a good old recipe, made up of well-seasoned songs with a base of spicy violin, and some heavy foot-tapping. Add some strumming of guitar chords, adjust the buttons and push-pull (not too much) - Ah - what bellows ! A jig on the dish, with a solo of shoe-soles, three medleys, two in 'C' and one in 'B'. Serve generously without waiting a second.