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"Le Rêve du Diable"

One evening in Cardaillac on April 30th 1986, a group of musicians from Quebec, "Le Rêve du Diable", came together with an audience of local people from the Lot area, both town-dwellers and country people for a meeting where music, stories, dance... and Quebec gastronomy were honoured. Length 52 mins.

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"Musique d'accordéon, musique de rue et de carnaval en Quercy"

Title: "Accordion music, street music and carnival in the Quercy". "Fifres and drums in the Quercy" at Limogne Carnival in 1994, with the "Mississippi Jazz band" from Montauban and Les Bandas d'Auvergne from Béziers or Bayonne and accordionists and cabrette players from the first accordion festival held in Figeac in 1987, many musicians were noted for their style, virtuosity or background. A portrait of Gilbert Garrigoux, who was one of the main figures in traditional Quercy music, marked this meeting with street music or processions, carnivals or balls to which this film is an invitation.

Produced in association with the AMTP Quercy. Length 52 mins. 1995

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"Des cabrettes dans le champ"

In the Rouergue area, in the Auvergne, and up to the borders of the Quercy in the Lot, this traditional musical instrument is played, a popular bagpipe: the cabrette. A strange instrument for those who don't know it, the bagpipes have never stopped surprising people from the Middle Ages to the present. With a cabrette-playing doctor, a maker of musical reeds, an Occitan story-teller and a teacher of traditional music, the cabrette comes into the range of the camera to help you to discover this instrument.

Produced in association with the CUMAV 46. Length 24 mins. 1995.

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"Une saveur retrouvée : l'huile de noix"

Title: Flavour rediscovered: walnut oil. Farm production of walnut oil, in Occitan with French sub-titles. Title in Occitan: Tornar trobar lo gost de l'oli de nose).

In Prendeignes (Ségala du Lot), during the winter of 1982-83, the inhabitants rediscovered the know-how and pleasures of the past with walnut opening evenings.

They restored the walnut mill and started to produce walnut oil again, finding - after fifteen years - tastes, stories, customs and gestures again.

Mr and Mrs Bladou explain the different stages of production with humour and verve.

With the help of Mr Gilbert Garrigoux and Mr Marcel Lavergne (accordionists).

Produced by Jean-Pierre Bénard et Dominique Noël Produced with the help of the Mission du Patrimoine Ethnologique of the Ministry of Culture, the Direction des Affaires Culturelles of Midi-Pyrenées and the Conseil Général du Lot. Supplied by the Beaubourg video library , the BCPs (Bibliothèques Centrales de Prêt), the CNRS, the Cinema Library of the Ministry of Agriculture and FR3 Television. Length 30 mins. 1983.
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