A traditional French and Quebec musicians group since 1975
Les Maganés : dances and songs from "La Belle Province".

Founded at the initiative of many members of the team "Les Maudzits Français", a traditional Quebec group which has existed in France since 1975, the group "Les Maganés"offer a very wide repertoire of Reels, Jigs, Dances and traditional songs from all regions and all areas of "La Belle Province".

Francine Reeves leading a Quebec-style ball (Photo JP Bénard)Dancers in action (Photo JP Bénard)
A Quebec-style ball at the time of the Maudzits Français
The public taking part

During the evenings that they organize, "Les Maganés" lead spectators into the dance: The public takes part. People dance the square dance, quadrille, contradanse, the breakdown, sometimes even the cotillon. There is breathing space during demonstrations of the jig and during percussion or instrumental numbers. The Quebec-style ball is for many types of people, from those used to dancing figures to the novices in the field, from young schoolchildren to those in later life, from the small almost family group (20 people) to the innumerable crowd (500 or 2000 people).

"Les Maganés" have taken part in several high-prestige media events such as: 50th Anniversary of the Anglo-Canadian Raid on Dieppe, "Christmas like in Quebec" (Forum des Halles 92 - Paris), National Festivals...

Luc Gaudreau, the caller, is originally from Montmagny in Quebec. He plays an important role in the running of the evening, the success of which he is largely responsible for, by giving dancers the instructions to put together steps and figures for Quebec dances with a sense of fun and a wonderful teaching ability.

Olivier Chérès is a highly talented violinist , who learnt from many violinists all over Quebec. He excels at performing different styles inspired by Jo Bouchard, Louis Boudreault or the fiddlers of Cap-Breton (Jo Cormier). The range of his repertoire will satisfy the most exacting dancers. Spectators who prefer to listen to him will be pleased to taste a virtuosity which goes from a French-Canadian style to a tradition inherited from Scottish or Irish fiddlers.

Benoît Reeves, founded Les Maudzits Français. He continues to promote a certain idea of the Quebec style of fun and conviviality with evenings and dances with the Les Maganés and his energetic and prolific accompaniments on the piano. He also has a career as a composer and arranger for many musical personalities with a wide range of multimedia equipment.

Serge Desaunay is very committed to Quebec and Celtic music and has been for many years. He played with Les Maudzits Français and many other musicians from the world of Quebec music in France. Passionate about the accordion, he multiplies meetings and experiences to go from traditional to swing-musette while working as a composer at the same time.

Joseph Ligault, harmonist, also plays various bagpipes and works as an instrumentalist and teacher on courses about medieval music.

The Musicians

Luc Gaudreau(caller, jigger, singer)

Olivier Chérès (violin) 
Serge Desaunay (Accordion) 
Benoît Reeves (Piano) 
Joseph Ligault (Harmonica) 

The musicians of Les Maganés (photocomposition: JP Bénard)

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