Alexandra Chabert and Benoit Reeves
Alexandra Chabert and Benoît Reeves

Made up of songs which have seen so many lovers kissing during "bals musette", crying over memories in taverns and smiling on the fellows in bistros, the repertoire of the Parigots covers all the melodies which have imprinted themselves on this century.

From Frehel to Maurane, through Serge Gainsbourg, Charles Trenet or Nougaro they perform these familiar refrains which sometimes strike a chord in our memories, perhaps just a strange or haunting expression, and which people hum at random in the streets of Belleville, in Paris or elsewhere...

Alexandra Chabert
Alexandra Chabert

Singer and actress, she has been moving towards the musical field more and more since 1984, when she sang at dances and in musical comedies. Before, when she left the theatre school in Rue Blanche, she played in around ten pieces of classical and contemporary repertory in Paris (TLP, Dejazet, Comédie de Paris, Astelle Theatre...) and on tour.

In addition she developed a taste for the music of the world, since she sings in polyphony, traditional and popular Italian, Greek and Brazilian songs.

Benoit Reeves
Benoît Reeves

Pianist, with dual nationality, he grew up under a melodic star of a father in astro-physics and a mother who was a musician and sang refrains from Québec and France. He was taught by Dante Agostini and developed his knowledge in jazz and harmony with Philippe Billaud and Bernaud Maury.

He teaches jazz and traditional music on courses (Les Maudzits Français, Les Maganés, Rivière du Loup) and has been doing concert tours in Europe and North America for fifteen years. This doesn't stop him composing for Blaxun's, Bettina or Pierre Fatus and working with Pierre Meige, Willam Sheller or Patrick Desaunay.

The Repertoire

Mon homme - Mistinguett - La java bleue - Fréhel - Quand on s'promène au bord de l'eau - Jean Gabin - Qu'est-ce qu'on attend pour être heureux ? - Paul Misraki - Mon amant de St Jean - Lucien Delyle - Avec son tralala - Suzy Delair - La javanaise - Serge Gainsbourg - Ah tu verras, tu verras - Claude Nougaro - La ballade irlandaise - Bourvil - J'ai la mémoire qui flanche - Jeanne Moreau - Syracuse - Henri Salvador - Padam padam - Édith Piaf - Les feuilles mortes - Yves Montand - Belle Ile en Mer - Laurent Voulzy - Le débit de l'eau - Charles Trenet - Joueur de blues - Michel Jonasz - Il nous faut regarder - Jacques Brel - Brave Margot - Georges Brassens - Jolie Môme - Léo Ferré - Salomé - Bernard Lavilliers