Titre: Le Reve du Diable
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In Cardaillac, on April 30th 1986, a group of musicians from Quebec, "Le Rêve du Diable", came together in the evening with an audience of local people from the Lot area, both town-dwellers and country people for a meeting where music, stories, dance... and Quebec gastronomy were honoured.

This concert was filmed and a new version was produced in 1993.
(Le Rêve du diable in concert - Length: 52 mins. System: VHS Secam). To order, see conditions below.

In the film, Le Rêve du Diable can be seen in the following programme:

  • the Latour family,(MP3 audio file !)
  • the Malbaie gallop,
  • the Ziguezon,
  • the St Georges de Beauce fiddler story,
  • Saint Julie's daughters, (MP3 audio file !)
  • the neighbours's reel (Reel les voisins),
  • Dondaine-laridaine, (lyrics in french language),
  • Big John Mac Neil reel,
  • Maple syrup and "Les P'tits paniers" (a figure danced in a circle).


    Gervais Lessard : singing, accordion, violin, harmonica, foot-tapping, spoons.
    Claude Méthé : singing, violin.
    Claude Morin : singing, guitar

    With the aid of Francine Reeves to organize the dancing. Illustration of the story and the cover jacket:
    Frédéric Back (with the kind permission of Le Rêve du Diable)
    Images, editing and production:Jean-Pierre Bénard.

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    End of a Quebec evening with Le Rêve du Diable 


    To order the film: "Le Rêve du Diable en concert"
    -length 52 mins - system VHS Secam -
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